Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Objectives

The objective is to travel through Africa, from London to Cape Town, overland on a motorcycle. We have chosen this means of transport to maximize the contact with the local people and nature. Furthermore this way we will be able to access destinations where no public transport is available.

During the 4 months trip we also plan to undertake three two-week development projects. We are currently in contact with charities from Zanzibar, Morocco, Burkina Faso and Uganda. Ideally we would like to work on one of each from teaching, house building and an energy efficiency improvement programme.

Based our previous trips to the Balkans and Turkey (7 000 km, August 2005) and Russia (8 000 km, September 2006) we are strongly convinced that we will be able to complete this journey, but it will be much more demanding and will require better preparation. Our previous adventures have been in regions, which are culturally and climatically much more similar to Western Europe. Africa, we believe is the ultimate challenge, however we do not consider independent travel as a selfish experience. It is a two-way process. Travelling through such isolated regions of the world you are often the only source of information about European culture for the local people. We will also do our best to document the trip and publish online opinions on the situation in these states to counteract the stereotypes about Africa. The hard-currency contribution to the local economies is also of value.

As the political situation changes rapidly, the actual route taken will be determined by what is happening on ground. The southern African countries are relatively stable. Eastern DRC, Darfur, Ivory Coast and Somalia are all hazardous regions to be avoided. A number of other regions are also politically sketchy. The two possible routes considered are outlined below.

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