Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Team


Witek is a 24 year old finalist of Engineering and Computing Science at Oxford University. He gathered motorcycle traveling experience on two considerable journeys, both over 7000km. First time in 2004 going around The Balkans and Turkey. The second was the Russian trip organized by Marcin. He also took part together with Marcin in a couple of friendly enduro Rallies in Poland during the years 1999-2002.


Marcin is a 32 year old IT & Retail Entrepreneur. He was the driving force behind the expedition along the Volga River, Russia, in 2006. He is a very experienced motorcyclist, who went through a serious knee injury and two surgeries due to an accident on his XT600. Now he is back on the road with all the possible license categories including lorries and buses.

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